Becoming an Outstanding Personal Tutor-Front (1)

Published in October 2015, this book aims to define what effective personal tutoring is, as well as explain and demonstrate how to carry out the role effectively (through the context of further education).  It draws on empirical evidence and desk-based research.  Edited by Sue Wallace (Emeritus Professor of Education at Nottingham Trent University).

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Published in October 2018, this text draws on the transferable principles of my earlier book by illustrating and discussing their applicability to the higher education sector where personal tutoring is increasingly important.  It is co-authored with colleagues from the universities of Sheffield, Bolton and Derby with a foreword by Professor Liz Thomas (Professor of Higher Education at Edge Hill University).

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Published in April 2018 in the University of Lincoln Higher Education Research peer-reviewed journal, IMPact. Entitled ‘A Defining Moment for Personal Tutoring’, this reflective think piece considers the contested nature of personal tutoring through a discussion of definitions.  Informed by critical pedagogy, it goes on to consider the important implications for organisations, lecturers and students.

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Published in December 2015, this article outlines the research I carried out with further education students on the influence of coaching conversations with personal tutors on perceptions of emotional wellbeing and progress.  It highlights key recommendations for teachers and personal tutors.

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