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Research can positively change practice and benefit students, colleagues and educational organisations

I am studying for a PhD by Published Work.  Having written a book (published in 2015) which aims to define the personal tutor, as well as explain and demonstrate how to carry out the role effectively, I am exploring proactive, holistic conceptions of tutoring further through the lens of critical pedagogy and the important implications for organisations, practitioners and students.

Current writing on definitions and implications will be followed by pieces examining the findings of my current primary research on the perceived effectiveness of the tutoring role, discussing the history of tutoring, considering the policy overview and updating classic tutoring models.

If you are undertaking, or thinking of undertaking, research, evaluation or a project in a similar area to this or the ones listed below, I would welcome a conversation with you.

My research interests include:

  • Conceptions of the personal tutor as educational emancipator through the critical lenses of Paulo Freire and Antonio Gramsci
  • The impact personal tutoring and coaching can have on students and, more broadly, institutions
  • The relationship between personal tutoring and teaching
  • Personal tutoring roles, support processes and systems
  • The relationship between students’ emotional well-being and academic progress
  • Student/staff partnership and collaborative inquiry

Recent activity:

November 2017-June 2018 – Lincoln Higher Education Research Award

“How can I be an effective personal tutor and what is out there to help me do this?”  Staff perceptions of their personal tutor role and the influence of key resources.

More information can be found here.

September 2014-July 2015 – Research Development Fellowship

How does the use of scaling from the OSKAR coaching framework impact upon student progress and emotional well-being?

The final report can be found here.